Wind Turbines, American Bird Conservancy, and the Nene

Wind Turbines, American Bird Conservancy, and the Nene

From: 🙂
Sent: Wednesday, May 07, 2014 4:11 AM
To: Michael Hutchins
National Coordinator, Bird Smart Wind Energy Campaign
American Bird Conservancy

Subject: The Endangered Nene Bird Endemic to Hawaii

Aloha Michael,

My name is 🙂. My husband, 🙂 🙂, and I are one of many home owners here on Oahu’s North Shore who are fighting against wind turbine development by Chaplin, LLC aka “Na Pua Makani” (pandering to Hawaiians by using indigenous language).

About a month ago, I wrote Kevin Emmerich of Basin and Range Watch and he immediately responded with his support and some other ideas. He also referred us to you.

As Iʻm sure you know, there are several issues that will adversely effect our small community including the breeding of Hawaii’s endangered state bird, the Nene; which after 300 hundred years just nested here on Oahu about a mile from the site the wind turbines are being built.

These are beautiful birds and we are so humbled as a community that after 3 centuries, they chose to nest right here on the North Shore.

However, the Governor has taken campaign monies from the turbine company and word in the community is that two of our community association board members are being promised jobs as directors of the “booster club” if they can rally the support of the community for the wind turbines.

The community overwhelmingly is against turbines.

You should know a couple of things:

First, First Wind already has 12 turbines in Kahuku, HI (the rural town on the north shore where we live. Also, the town on where the Nene now lives!). We can actually see about 8 of these turbines from our kitchen window.

Second, the list of birds that have been killed by these turbines includes culturally significant birds and animals such as Nēnē (Hawaiian Goose), ʻUaʻu (Hawaiian Petrel), ʻIwa (Great Frigate Bird) and ʻŌpeʻapeʻa (Hawaiian Hoary Bat).

Hereʻs a list.

There are two facebook pages that you might be interested in: Makani Pono O Kahuku and Mothers Against More Turbines in Kahuku.

We know that you folks have filed a law suit against the federal government (thank you!) and weʻre wondering if there is any way you folks might have time to include us as plaintiffs. Either as a group or individuals.

If that is not possible, we are asking for your help in any way you can.

My phone number is: blah blah. The Husband’s is: blah blah blah. Feel free to call us about anything.

We appreciate the work you folks are doing and hope to hear from you soon.
The latest picture of the new Nene family!


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